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September 19, 2006



I think that more days than I like to admit look like this, but I'm not honest enough to blog about them!

I haven't mentioned, for example, that Cole won't eat in a restaurant anymore. He is fine and then suddenly flips out, generally right before our food arrives, and then we have to make a mad dash to eat 2 bites, box it up, and get out of there. Good times.


You know, you can always shit yourself too if you want to relive your childhood that bad. I mean "sheeeeet," of course. How silly of me.

Also, re: egging, do you need a couple new pie pans? I switched to Pyrex so I have some extra metal ones.


Perhaps LM no longer likes bath time because you yank him out yelling "Poop in the tub!" just when he's starting to relax!


Anne - he hasn't pooped in the tub for weeks now. Maybe that is it, he really wants to poop in it but we won't let him....you might be on to something....


Dang, woman, that's harsh! I hope you snuck in a glass of wine in there somewhere.

I know I've had days like this, but I can't tell you about them because I have blocked them from my memory. There was one memorable day when A had four poop blowouts before 10 am, putting four outfits out of commission and taking out the crib sheet, bouncy chair, and swing while she was at it.


I sympathized until you got to the part about sticking foam letters on your forehead. Then I laughed really hard. Then I went back to sympathizing.


Oh yes, I have plenty of days like this. Just this last week A has been v. sick and I have been waiting on him hand and foot - and thinking how nice it would be if someone were waiting on me hand and foot...


Meghan - remember when eating out was relaxing because you didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards? Now it is a friggin nightmare and race to get out with the kiddo.

Michaela - but what about fresh fruit - I've seen you with apples!

Melissa - pooptastic! Laundrytastic!

Elizasmom- I will not lie to you, LM loves it when I put the foam L on my forehead best. He points at it and says, "eeeeelllll!" He also laughs when I put the foam S on his chest and call him Super Tantrum Pants.

Em - I bet you get these bad days threefold with 3 kiddos! You need a week at a spa!


Sorry I haven't checked in in a while! It's been a bit crazy on this side of the bay too...
So many of our post-daycare evenings are like this that I can't even begin to list them all.
Last night we tried to have dinner out with M's mom and I had to leave before they even brought the check. C wouldn't eat anything (a little thing she does when she's too hungry.) and just whined the WHOLE time.
She's cutting a tooth that is hurting more than all her other teeth combined. Gah.
May the routine get easier, and may the wine flow freely in the meantime!


I feel your pain. My commute ranges anywhere from a half hour on a good day to 2 hours but usually somewhere in between. The ride in the car is usually riddled with ill tempered requests for cheese puffs (pirates booty),bananas or any other food item that I just don't happen to have in the car that day. Of course J has no interest in the graham crackers that I actually do have in the car and yells NO THANK YOU. Call me crazy but as much as I appreciate the politeness it loses lustre when it is shouted in protest. Sometimes I think my child thinks my car is a restaurant.

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