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April 16, 2007



OK, that, up there, about the apron and the sweatpants? Was very funny. Good to see the crazy parent trophy is traveling again.


Yeah, having inlaws who're crazy as fuck is one thing. Then there are some things you can prepare for when navigating the minefield of OCD. (But only some.)However, nothing can prepare you for the humiliation of building children's furniture in form-fitting black sweatpants, having just narrowly missed having to wear a novelty apron over BVD's.

As I said at the time: Jesus fuck.


Also, if I remember correctly, the conversation went like this:

Father-in-law: Now Brian, here's the furniture, so you can get started.
B: Um... I'm in my underwear. Can this wait until my jeans get out of the dryer?
FIL: No, that would take too long. I'll see if I can find you some tools. (Exeunt.)
B (to M, who is ignoring me and reading), sotto voce: Am I to understand that they want me to build children's furniture... in my underwear?
M: I don't know.
FIL (offstage): OK, Brian, I got some tools.
B: This is silly. I can't build things like this. I'M IN MY UNDERWEAR.
MIL: Saul, Brian's undressed. Can't this wait?
FIL: Wait a minute, I'll get an apron.


MIL, some time later: Saul, even for you, that was a bit much.

B to MIL, also some time later: Apparently there's a fire somewhere and children's furniture has to be built RIGHT NOW, but I can't wait for my pants to get out of the dryer... "because it would take too long".


I'm just impressed Brian feels comfortable sitting around with your parents while IN his underwear...

Hooray for the crazy trophy! Though if I ever marry someone whose parents can challenge mine for it...man.


Well, comfort is relative:

Father-in-law visiting his grandson's family in Hayward: feels it's perfectly normal to run around IN NOTHING BUT BOXERS, to the point of his daughter saying: Hey Dad, how about some pants?

Son-in-law visiting his wife's parents in MA: I know them well enough to walk in boxers from the bedroom to the bathroom, but feel uncomfortable sitting around in underwear, especially BVDs. The thing to remember here is that I was ordered to disrobe by my lovely wife so that the one pair of pants I brought could be laundered properly by my OCD FIL.

Apparently all this was a ruse so that I'd be forced into their little humiliation scheme.


Is there some sort of funniest post-and-comment thing I can nominate you guys for? Because the post was funny enough on its own, but with the addition of B's comments?
Cannot stop laughing!


I literally spit out my coffee when I read the apron/sweat pants bit. Your dad gives my crazy dad a run for his money.


Forget pictures of the porch. It's a picture of B in his tights and apron that we want to see!
Living close to parents is often a blessing and a curse. Just smile and nod and enjoy date night again!


I agree with Jessica! I must have pictures! Apron over BVDs was a funny image in itself. Description of novelty apron over BVDs? Icing on the cake.

Oh Bri. Think of the years of humiliation yet to come living this close to the in-laws.


I would love to see my husband put together baby furniture in his man-panties, if we were alone. But in front of my mother? eeeeeew....I would rather put it together by myself, 7 months pregnant with twins.


Ohhhhhhh.... That's just, WOW! I'm not sure which was funnier... the tale told by Meridith including the bikini-apron part, or the blow by blow dialog from the poor man himself! MAH hahahahahahah!


Ha ha! I love Bri's added commentary. I can't wait to see the picture of the apron with the puffy boobs.

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