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June 07, 2011



I'm so excited for you going on this trip. I know it is a lot to prepare for and that is stressful, but they will be fine. And wow...it takes almost as long to get there as you will be spending actually in Uganda! I actually have a friend who is moving there with her whole family in about a month, to stay for a year and work and her kids will go to school there! I'm sure you will have an amazing experience and hopefully shake the morbids from what you've gone through recently at home!


Muahhahahahah — you have joind the Buffy cult. Wellllllcome!
I love that show beyond reason — but be warned, season 5 is going to be pretty heavy for you given some of what you've been through in the past year and a half (being vague-ish so as not to spoil)
I hope you have an amazing adventure in Uganda (and ever-so-briefly in Rwanda). I am looking forward to living vicariously through your trip accounts.
And know that while I have no magical solutions, I am thinking about you as you continue to navigate these waters in the wake of your mom's passing and hope that it will eventually get easier for you all...


I'm sure the plans for this trip are incredibly stressful, but I hope it will be a wonderful experience. I mean, seriously, how many people get to go to Africa? I hate people reading over my shoulder so I sympathize with that part. I've only been on a plane by myself once in the past six years so that part sounds nice! I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

I'm sorry to hear about things with your dad. Could you hire an organizer first, then a cleaner? One of my friends is a professional organizer and she was actually on one of those hoarding shows helping someone clear things out. But I guess your dad would have to want to do that.


good luck on your trip!

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