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June 20, 2011



Wow, what an incredible experience you have had! I can't imagine how I would feel seeing what you saw. I would want to try to help too I'm sure, and also want to share my experience so people know a) how hard it is over there and b) how good we have it over here.


Wow, this is so cool! I love hearing about your trip. And great story about the Christian woman. I tend to be cynical about how help like this comes with dogmatic strings attached, too, but you're right, she IS doing great work.


Thank you for your report from Uganda. There were so many things that deeply touched me that I can't even begin to mention them because I would not want to forget a single one. We all try, or think, to be so open-minded but then along comes a story that blows our imagination. Another thing: remember how scared and hesitant you were to go to Uganda? And now, that you went there, you are so much richer? I love stories like that.

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