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June 26, 2011



Hope you get over the lag soon! Isn't Lyme disease not a big deal if you catch it right away? I have no idea...just what I've heard...good luck and I hope you don't have it anyway!


Tick bites don't itch, so hopefully it is a very itchy bite from something else. Addie has had some wicked bad reactions to some bitey bug, the bite itself is white and the part that itches creates a red ring around it, it looks like a bulls eye in reverse. Lyme disease isn't as bad if you catch it right away, but it will still knock you out and you have to take a ton of antibiotics. Everyone on our former street that I knew of had it, even our dogs, but none of us (that I know of at any rate. Fingers crossed that your jet lag is just jet lag :(

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