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March 24, 2013



Love this article Meredith! You hit the nail on the head.


Well, you wrote a much more thoughtful and less navel-gazing post than I did! I wonder why more companies don't offer more flexibility. C works from home every Wednesday and I think it keeps him happier and more productive. I've read that at Yahoo there were a lot of telecommuting slackers, but if that was the case, why not crack down on them individually?

I do worry about keeping my skills up. We have life insurance policies and I don't see myself getting divorced, but like you, I always like to have a plan. Back in the day I worked for years in retail and as an administrative assistant, so I guess I figure I could always find some kind of a job if I had to.


Great article, Meredith!


you make a good point about kids in highschool and getting some education for your future -- both my kids will be in school full time in september and i am debating if i should go back to work part time - and yes it would be working from home - but i just dont know if i want to... i was in the professionalwork force for 14 years before my kids came along and i made good money - but i have enjoyed this stay at home lifestyle for the last 5 years and next year i will finally have FREE time every day to do what ever i wish! not sure i want to go back to "work" just yet! but to get back to what i said originally - great idea about getting some updated education!

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