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April 07, 2013



I can't imagine how hard it must be still to have lost your mom. Glad to hear it is at least getting more bearable. The cabana sounds fantastic. I also realized after reading this that my FB comments about Vegas were really insensitive, it must be really hard to not have the support of parents and family to take the kids more often so you can get a real break. I'm sure you will have an amazing trip! Vegas is always fun!


Please don't worry about that Kathy, you weren't being insensitive. Like I said, for most people this isn't an issue so how is anyone supposed to know that something that is a reality for most people is a fantasy to others? I really did not interpret your comment on FB as insensitive.


Hey, good for you making sure to take some time on this trip to get some "fun" in for you and the family. We never did that when we were dealing with family drama down there, and I think it would've been helpful if we had done so.

If you are looking for a way to kill an hour at some point, your family might enjoy http://www.pinballmuseum.org :)

I haven't lost a parent, but I've watched my husband deal with losing his mom. And now having our kid, it's made us both miss his mom even more. She would've been so elated about being a grandma (and likely would've driven me to drink, but hey...) ;) I get what you're saying, and you're not being a bitch. ;) I hope you're able to keep her memory strong in your heart, and share wonderful stories with the kids.

I wish I had something more helpful to say - I feel like a bad friend because I always read your blog (thank you RSS) but then don't comment because I feel like I haven't got anything useful to add. Your post (and Melissa's) about leaning in is a prime example of that - y'all said it so well, I don't have much I can add. ;)

Vegas, baby. Vegas!


Meredith, you are stronger than you know.

A change of scenery will do you and the kids good. Looking forward to hearing about the trip. (And is some ways, it's probably a blessing that your grandmother doesn't know)

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