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May 12, 2013



Internet hugs are a poor substitute, but, Internet hugs.

I have a genetic legacy of anxiety myself. The last thing people with genetic legacies of anxiety need is examples of the kinds of things we tell ourselves cannot really happen because "that's the anxiety talking." I'm really sorry you had to come home right into the thick of it, which would have been awful for anyone but is just trebly unfair for anyone who struggles with anxiety.


Yeah, I hear you.
I feel Boston sitting like a big blob in the back of my skull. Can't write it out, can't forget it.


I'm sorry your vacations keep getting ruined by crazy people. :( Boston was upsetting for everyone watching from a distance, so I can only imagine how much worse it would be to have it happen in your backyard. As for how do you raise your kids to be confident and hopeful with such awful things happening, I don't know, but somehow it comforts me to think that people have done that very thing for years and years. I just finished a novel set during WW II and it was filled with such horrors (it was fiction but it described things that actually happened), but I was marveling at how so many people went through this terrible event and somehow everyone who survived kept going. I don't know if that helps at all. I wish your mom could give you a hug too, or at the very least, that I could.


Well, here is a huge, bone-crushing hug. It's not like a hug from your own mom, but one of the things we have to accept along the way, while living our life, is to be grateful for not quite what we would have liked but not too bad, all things considered. Newtown, Boston, with me and my family so terribly close, as were you, (I was thinking of you and your family all the time while the search turned to Watertown, wondering how one deals with something like this), and the general craziness that seems to enwrap this country for the moment really makes for look forward to my upcoming vacation in my home country. I need a break from it - before it breaks me.

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