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July 14, 2013



Read the "Wheat Belly" book, and see if that's something you may benefit from. You may also check the author's blog wheatbellyblog.com. He sounds more radical there than in his book, but you can find lots of posts of his readers there and read about their experience.

Thanks to the book, I've been off wheat for 1.5 years and have been feeling really great. Wheat is linked to depressions, arthritis, extra weight, .... People mostly talk about the weight part, but the health benefits can be rather amazing. As for me, my gastro problems are gone, my hair isn't falling out, my PMS is minimal, I lost the few extra pounds I had, and my back or joints hurt only when I come down with something. There is more like not being sleepy the entire afternoon, having more energy, ...

I wish I was doing Facebook, one of these days ....

Good luck with everything


Deep tissue! Yes! I had a similarly good experience, like, hey, I can touch my toes now and I couldn't an hour ago!
OMG insane tired children. If they weren't so sad, the random meltdowns over weird things would be funny.
Glad you are more or less keepin' on keepin' on...


I'm so impressed with your dedication and motivation. I've probably asked you this before, but if you ever want to write a post about how you stick to your diet and exercise plan, I'd love to read it. I am not so good with the motivation or persistence and always wonder how other people do it.

That's excellent that your back pain is improving and of course that you just have a benign cyst! Sheesh, your body likes to give you medical scares.

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