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August 31, 2013



Congratulations! So happy for you. (I actually discovered your blog years ago when you were selling your place in the Bay Area. We were getting ready to sell our house--and buy the one behind it.

It's funny how our market, like yours, sort of took a dive, then went right back into the madness that was the mid 2000s. Real estate purchases here feel like some sort of speculative venture.

Questions: Is there a bathroom in the basement? Will your commutes be better, worse, or the same? Any options for public transportation? How far is the elementary school from the new house?


Yay house! I didn't realize you were in there with two kids in less space than we have in our place now. You deserve much return karma for dealing with that for years.


Congratulations! That was fast. The house sounds perfect and only 10 and 25 min commute. That's quite a rarity in any metropolitan area.

Good luck with the rest of the paperwork. I take you haven't closed on the house yet.

BTW I fully understand the seller going with a lower price. We almost turned down an offer for our old place because the financing sounded very complicated with low down payment, etc. It all worked out, but had we had another offer at that time even if it was somewhat lower, we would have gone with that.


Yay! So glad you have found a nice place! Househunting is illuminating, isn't it?


So happy for you all!


How exciting! That's a pain about LM's school but maybe a basement and backyard will make up for it. I'm happy to hear you get to throw parties again because your parties were always really fun. I know I won't get to come to them but I'll be happy for the people who do. :)


Yaaaaaay for new house! When do you move in? Hooray for new super-close new school for A, and hope that things open up at potential new school for LM soon too. So excited for you guys :)

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