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August 11, 2013



Good luck! I don't know if Redfin covers your neck of the woods but we really liked having them email us every time something that roughly matched our criteria popped up. We also *really* liked deactivating them all last week.

I hope your market is not nearly as batshit as it is out here.


Woo! Good luck on the house search! I can't imagine living with one bathroom, even with only two-bathroom-users for us still at this point. ;) Are you looking for house house, or also looking at townhouses?

Hope you find something wonderful that meets many of your needs :)


Good luck! I hope it all works out, and you find a nice house with a good commute. We went through this last summer, though we were upgrading from a 3-bedroom townhouse to a house, so we also had to sell. I must say we absolutely love our new house, but I sure don't like the mortgage payments, higher utility cost, oh, and the property taxes ... Let's not even go there. NYC metropolitan area says it all. Financially, it was much easier and comfortable before, but I still believe it's all worth it.

This may not be a bad time to buy. Prices are still much, much lower than they were at the peak. Also, it's August. Most of the house sales are finalized before the beginning of the school year. By now, the sellers have started worrying that their houses may be on the market come fall and they may not be able to sell till next spring. They may be much more open to negotiation than they would have been just a couple of months ago.

Take your time. I am sure something nice will come up.


I guess you don't want to commute from Western Mass, huh? There's 1 house for sale on our street and another, a foreclosure, that's being remodeled right now...
Good luck, I hope you find something that suits you, and has 2 bathrooms.


What about Kansas City? In the neighborhood where I work you can buy a three-bedroom, two bath, and a big yard for about 40K. I suppose that commute would be a little bit much though.

I'm sending you good thoughts...


Bri chiming in here.

Dina -- your city is a pilgrimage of mine. Someday... someday... I will make an ass of myself and gain 100 lbs in one day, on that which KC is justifiably famous for.

Alas though, this CA boy is destined for the MA 'burbs.

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